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Emerald is a guild for busy working people in China, from an international company.  Our casual style means we have to have a lot of people to make it possible to enjoy all the content available.

We are not just game fans or colleagues, but also friends.  We have regular face-to-face meetings such as guild dinners and other activities outside the game.

Here is the link to our guild in the Armory:

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BWL, AQL raids on Sunday

moonglowchina, Jun 30, 11 9:50 PM.
Cataclysm is coming out on July 12, which means big changes!  This Sunday, we will go to BWL and AQL for one last tour of the big old raids.  Join us to get the achievements and enjoy each others' company before we get busy trying to reach level 85.  AQ40 is a bit special, and the final boss is quite interesting (i.e. deadly).

Start at 10 am, go until we are finished!  (Breaks for lunch and dinner of course.)  You can join when you are available, but let me know when you can come so we can plan a little.

10-man Raid

moonglowchina, May 25, 11 11:20 PM.
Now that we have 10 level 80s and two tanks, and some of our old members are coming back recently, I'm going to organize a raid in the next 2-3 weeks.  Stay tuned...

Zhang Lin is our 10th level 80!

moonglowchina, May 12, 11 10:28 PM.
Early this week our newest member reached 80, making a total of 10 people to reach 80 in our guild.  This is a big milestone.  Congratulations!

Reminder for MC/BWL tomorrow

moonglowchina, May 5, 11 10:21 PM.
Last week we had fun, let's repeat the experience.  Wisteria needs more equipment.  I'm targeting tomorrow night.  Start a forum post if you want a different time.

Children's Week event

moonglowchina, May 4, 11 8:43 PM.
Children's Week is happening now!  It ends May 8 so get those quests done if you want the 310% mount for all the year's events.
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